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Everyone is talking about it and Los Gauchos Outfitters will show you how to plan and take a Phenomenal Argentina Dove Hunting trip where you will not believe the volume ( or the food or wine or lodges....) but that all comes with the Argentina dove hunting trips provided by Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Los Gauchos is proud to not just offer one Cordoba dove hunt and one lodge and one rate - take it or leave it. NO !

Los Gauchos Outfitters is a referenced and highlighted US owned outfitter that has several options for Argentina dove hunting to fit any budget, any schedule, and any shooter. So whether you are a pro and ready to take on the world record for tricky dove shooting, or you are a beginner with wingshooting and want to try it out, Cordoba is the place to be.

The group size can be large or small and the time is any. So read more about the Argentina dove hunting and learn about why Cordoba is the king of dove hunting and why Los Gauchos wears the crown.

Cordoba dove shooting is just a flight away. And don't worrry Los Gauchos will asssist with flights to and from Cordoba.

Argentina Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Choosing shotgun shells and choke tubes for your Argentina dove hunt can be confusing to say the least.

Here is a quick lesson on what the dove ammo terms mean and what Los Gauchos uses and what Cordoba dove hunting lodges offer. Using as an example shotload: 8 shot, 1 oz, 2 3/4 in lead heavy dove load.

The first number, #8 shot, is size of the shot, the bigger the #, the smaller the shot. The larger the number the more pellants or BB's there are in the shot shell. To figure out the actual size of the pellet, subtract the number of the shot from 17. Using the #8 shot example you would take 17-8=9. An 8 shot = 9/100 or .090″. Every pellet is .090" in 8 shot. Make sense class?

Great now you will be a pro in Cordoba when you dove hunt. 1 oz is a measure of how many ounces of pellets there are. Again the smaller the pellet, the greater number that will fit into the shot shell. For instance, in 7.5 shot there are 350 pellets, and in 8 shot there are 410 pellets (in a 1oz load). 2 3/4″ is the length of the shell. Some shotguns shoot up to 3.5″, but remember you are shooting doves, not 767 airplanes.

Lead is the main ingredient of a shotgun shells. Lead is best for shooting the high volume of doves you will find in Cordoba.

The dove loads for Cordoba. You will want 7.5 to 8 shot when dove hunting in Cordoba. If you are new to shooting go with the eight shot / 1 1/8 oz and up load, 2 3/4″ shot shell. This load will give you a good pattern for the doves in Cordoba and increase the odds of shooting more doves. When it comes to the rate of shotgun shells in Cordoba, the more ounces, the higher the rate of the shell costs. Other factors that reflect the price of ammo for Cordoba dove hunts include the brand. Many of the Los Gauchos Outfitters Cordoba lodges use high quality European brands and the best loads, best ingredients for the best dove hunt experience. Make sure to budget for the heavier loads to add more firepower to your Cordoba dove hunt. It is much more important to have good fundamental shooting skills than to rely on an expensive bullet to make up for some "rusty" shooting skills.

For the Argentina dove hunting trip, you will want to decide which choke to use. Most modern shotguns have screw in, interchangeable choke tubes including: full choke, modified choke, and improved cylinder. Contrary to popular belief among wingshooters, the chokes have nothing to do with how far a shotgun shoots. Many dove hunters will put a full choke on their shotgun thinking it will allow them to shoot a longer distance, but this is not true.

A full choke will hold the pattern of shot in a more secure pattern at a greater distance, for a denser amount of shot entering your target - the game bird. The full choke is good for geese, pheasant and other large game birds, but if you try to hit a dove coming across you from 20-28 yards out at MACH 2 with a full choke on your shotgun, you better line everything up right and still hope for some luck. Bottom line, unless you are an expert shot-gunner or wing-shooter a full choke will cause you a lot of frustration and missed shots.

The modified choke is a common choke used when dove hunting. It opens up better in the closer ranges than a full choke will, but holds a condensed pattern. Most dove shooting should take place at less than 35 yards, the best choke to use for dove shooting is the improved cylinder. Improved cylinder chokes gives the wing-shooter the widest pattern that is will drop the doves.

Los Gauchos Outfitters knows you travel a long wy to have a succesful shooting experience in Corodba, so spend less time cussing and more time bragging about how great of a shot you are in Cordoba.

For those that have been to Cordoba and enjoy the high volume dove hunts, you may want to try Uruguay. Uruguay dove hunting is similar to Cordoba - and the country of Urugauy is a great one to visit. Read and learn more about the Uruguay dove hunting.

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  • Cordoba Doves

    High volume is just about the only way to describe the wingshooting trips in Cordoba. There is NO limit and the season is year round.
    Los Gauchos has several lodges to fit your needs and your group's dove hunting trip. Equipment is included with the Los Gauchos Argentina dove hunting trips. Cordoba dove shooting is an extreme hunt meaning HIGH volume. So get your favorite shotgun ready and come to Cordoba. Find out more

  • Dove Hunting Lodges

    Most of the lodges are located just about an hour away from the Cordoba International Aiport. Hosts will meet you at the airport and assist with your luggage and if you bring your own shotgun - they will assist with the temporary license required.
    Many times you can be in the field shooting doves on the day of arrival. Choose the time of year depending on the weather you prefer. January - February is warm weather - dove hunting in your shorts and enjoying the summertime in Argentina.Find out more

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    Los Gauchos has been in business for over 10 years with lodges and hunting trips available in Argentina, Uruguay ,and now Peru.
    Our winghsooting knowledge and dedication to the details of a dove hunting trip are solid. YOUR Cordoba dove hunting trip - should be the BEST. Los Gauchos works to make sure it is. Find out more